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About Us


Introduction to China Hardware and Electromechanical

Chamber of Commerce (CHECC)


China Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce (Hereinafter referred to as CHECC), founded in 1999, is directly subordinate to the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. It is the only Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce under the name of China and also the biggest Hardware and Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce with the most powerful influence and driving force.


CHECC, as the direct chamber, grassroots organizations and work support of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, adheres to the unity of united front, economy and folk, relying on the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party and Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Besides, in accordance with the deployment of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, it adheres to hold conference from the perspectives like politics, reward, spirit, leading, reform, global, service, and unity, and takes the glorious mission entrusted by the new era with a high sense of historical responsibility.


The enterprise members of CHECC are composed of manufacturing companies, distribution companies, commercial real estate developers, R&D companies and cross-enterprises. Over the years, it has developed rapidly by holding the idea of “platform creation value”. It now consists of a Marketing Committee and a Building Hardware Door and Window (curtain wall) Committee, Knife and Scissors Committee, Young Entrepreneurs Committee, Grinding Materials and Grinding Tool Committee, Fasteners Professional Committee and other directly affiliated branches. In addition, it has 102group members, of which 28 are provincial groups and 74are prefectural groups. Over 20000 members are from all parts of China, some of which also take charges of positions of National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Association of Industry and Commerce. There are nearly 400 hardware and electromechanical markets developed and operated by our enterprises members, holding nearly 400,000 companies that forms tremendous network business network.


In the past 20 years, ever since CHECC has founded, it has significant achievements in organization building, network building, honesty building, marketing building projects, union expo hosting, fellowship activities, external exchange and many other aspects, led by the chairs and contributed and supported by the members. Especially, it has organized and guided commercial communities of hardware mechanical and electrical products to exploit such platform and all kinds of activities, in order to serve the vast members to realized the request of politics, fame and benefits, and creating conditions of various channels and resources. Moreover, it has great merits in supporting small companies into big ones, and big companies into strong ones, letting those not-famous private entrepreneurs shine on the stage of Reforming and Opening to the outside.


As an important measure to service members and the service industry, CHECC will carry out the annual membership corporate integrity evaluation activities (no charge), which was welcomed by the majority members and was highly focused by the whole society, and played a positive role to strengthen the integrity of system construction industry, and to guide member companies in good faith and keep credibility.


The main website of CHECC --- www.chmecc.cn has been set up, the WeChat public account --- CHECC has been created and the journal of China Hardware has been published.


CHECC also builds relationship with hardware mechanical and electrical chambers of commerce or relevant organizations from many other countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa, and groups to participate in international exhibitions. In addition, it will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with related international organizations and to actively explore the international market actively, to accelerate the boom of hardware mechanical and electrical industry, and to achieve the goal of becoming hardware mechanical and electrical power.


















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